Feminoteka Foundation was founded in 2005 as non profit NGO. Our objective is taking action towards eradication of gender discrimination, and preventing violence against women by organizing workshops, debates, conferences and meetings, monitoring current affairs, and spreading information about the situation of women in Poland. In our operation we apply the principles of equal treatment of people, regardless of their gender, origin, religion and sexual orientation.

Feminoteka has participated in actions towards prevention of violence against women: since 2005, we have been organizing workshops in counteracting violence against women WenDo for individual women, NGOs and other institutions; our employees conduct lectures and presentations for organizations and services on the situation of women in Poland, including the situation of women experiencing violence; in every year we have co-organized a campaign as a part of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence; since 2013 Feminoteka organize in whole Poland (last year 50 cities and towns participated) next antiviolence action - One Billion Rising. Foundation’s website (one of the most popular feminist internet services in Poland), publishes information about violence against women on a regular basis. Since 2005 within the framework of Feminoteka’s anti-violence programme there has been workshops conducted. Feminoteka carries out approx. 50 anti-violence workshops per year for girls, women, teachers and other groups.

Since August 2009 Feminoteka Foundation provide help line for female victims of domestic violence and other kind of violence (sexual harassment, rape, etc.) and ptchological and legal support.

Each year, Feminoteka Foundation carries out anti-violence actions addressed to the most vulnerable groups: women and girls. There is the wide variety of activities offered: anti-violence workshops for women and girls, debates, conferences and meetings organizing, publishing manuals, leaflets and brochures and last but not least taking part as experts and panelists in many anti-violence events such as those organized by The Ministry of Justice or Human Rights Defender Office. Feminoteka’s experts took also an active part in the sessions of parliament commissions that dealt with the amendments of anti-violence bill.

The Feminoteka team are female experts and coaches specializing in anti-violence and anti-discrimination trainings for groups as varied as teachers, employers, public institutions, schoolgirls and non-governmental organizations.
Feminoteka’s employees are highly regarded as experts in the area of preventing and counteracting violence against women and therefore the team are frequently invited to meetings, consultations or conferences on the subject. One of tokens of trust has been honouring Joanna Piotrowska, the head of the Foundation with a Golden Telephone – an award presented by the Blue Line (domestic violence helpline) to persons exceptionally involved in anti-violence actions. Institutions and organizations which honoured us with their trust and which have been our partners in anti-violence efforts are: The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Blue Line, Social Help Centers, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Human Rights Defender, Ministry of Justice, Embassy of the United States of America, United Nations Development Programme, Cooperation Fund, Stefan Batory Foundation, Open Society Institute, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Polish Teachers’ Association, Polish Society for Anti-Discrimination Law, Polish Legal Education Association, as well as numerous institutions, organizations and academic centers both in Poland and abroad.

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